Female and male energies: an irreconcilable balance

Female and male energies: an irreconcilable balance

An irreconcilable balance is an oxymoron (Oxymoron is an absurdly pointed expression, a figurative combination of conflicting concepts; a witty juxtaposition of conflicting concepts, a paradox; a stylistic figure or a stylistic error is a combination of words with the opposite meaning (that is, a combination of incongruous).

The two energies that divided us into two sexes — women and men — are the energy of movement and the energy of stability and peace.

The female energy of movement — fluid and mobile — is an emotional sphere. Male — stable and steady — the diocese of reason.

Men complain that “there is no peace from her,” and women say that he “cannot budge.” And this game will continue, because he needs energy to move, she needs support in order to gain a foothold. Where are we looking for what we need? That’s right: a man is looking in a woman, and a woman is in a man.

A man is looking for a woman in a light, accessible, infinite, nourishing energy — such that he wants to accomplish something.

What does he find?

Demands, reproaches, complaints, fatigue. Or a man in a skirt that competes with him on equal terms and does not trust.

a man in a skirt that competes with him on equal terms and does not trust.

What does a woman look for in a man? Confidence, security, strength — all that will bring balance to its rebellious character.

And what does it find?

Misunderstanding, rudeness, indifference, betrayal, betrayal. It is then that a woman decides to “take care of herself” and enters the masculine path.

A man changes women to maintain his resource.

Let’s think: who is primary, who is the main, who is the support, who is ahead, who should rely on whom?

Yes, first Adam appeared, then Eve. But why is a woman having a child-bearing function: since the creation of the world, a man is born of a woman ?!

What tasks do representatives of different sexes solve?

The task of a man is to know and master the outside world. Therefore, he goes ahead (ahead — the unknown, danger), she — behind her husband. On the one hand, a woman is already on a safe path, and on the other, she provides her husband with a home front.


a woman is already on a safe path, and on the other, she provides her husband with a home front

So which of them supports whom? And who is protecting? Who creates the rear, and who moves forward, despite the dangers?

Who creates the rear, and who moves forward, despite the dangers?

Of course, following this logic, a man is a defender, not a support! The dream of many women to “lean on a strong shoulder” kills a man and disappoints women (“men went into oblivion”). But the woman continues to hold on to this illusion, then out of despair comes forward, takes on the role of a man and pulls the cart, finally losing touch with her nature.

So, support in a woman! She is the rear for the man and the basis for the family. Nutrition, care is all a feminine destiny.

Moreover: energy also comes to a man through a woman, because he must have vitality in order to act in the material world, and the husband is nourished by the power of his wife.

(By the way, those women who practice «energy sex» bind men tightly: not one of them looks to the side. Who does not know what it is — contact).

A notorious, grumpy, depressive, masculine woman deprives a man of strength, makes him a moral or physical impotent (although she herself blames him for this) and deprives herself of material well-being (which is why she has to “plow”).

Where can I get a resource to nourish my husband — I would survive herself!

So where does the woman herself get energy from?

The life force is within the woman herself. It is inexhaustible, like nature itself, if you understand why this resource is used correctly. Indeed, a new life is born in the woman herself, and the Universe took care of the mechanism of energy replenishment.

But does a woman understand this? She understands only that her husband is not able to take care of her and the children — how can you not get into work!

But in fact, a woman is separated from the Source (which is in herself) by her injuries, neurosises, and fears. Self-acceptance and immersion are not empty words. This is the way to restore integrity. It is neither simple nor easy.

Through the diagnosis and correction of fate, you can return your identity.

Having restored integrity, a woman will return to her identity — the nature of circular mobile energy, which nourishes the world and magnetically draws from the world what a woman needs.

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