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Rune magic

Rune magic has been known since ancient times. How runes work, see below.

Rune magic

The magical power of runes has been known since ancient times.

Can everyone use it?

Many try, but does it work?

It happens like this: a person asks for a rune, and everything comes true. There is a false feeling that the rune is «working.»

In fact, it is not so easy to negotiate with the runic energies — you need to be able to activate the rune.

So why did the desire still come true? Most often, the very power of intent leads to a positive

the result. Then ask, do not ask for the rune — there will be no answer.

But how to learn how to properly activate the rune? About it here:


Runa Algiz is associated with protection. And not only from enemies and ill-wishers, but also from danger and diseases.

Also in magical practice, Algiz is used to discover and pump clairvoyance, discovery

energy channel with higher frequency vibrations.

By activating this rune, you can get rid of negative influences and stresses, as well as start environmentally use the energy of the Universe in your life.


This is the rune of receiving and transmitting information. It helps a person to receive knowledge from subtle worlds.

However, the transition to a qualitatively new energy flow may be unsafe for humans, therefore

runes should be used with great care.

A trained person using the Ansuz rune can, setting off on an astral journey between parallel worlds, gain new strength.

Ansuz can be (but not necessary) used in a negative way: using the power of the runes, there is an opportunity block the memory and thinking of the object of magic, deprive him of communication with the egregor and immerse him in longing.


Berkana is a purely female rune. The energy of the symbol strengthens and activates the female energy, promotes cleansing and rejuvenating the body.


Runa Wunyo can be used to fulfill a desire, but you must first correctly activate the symbol, those. charge the rune for a specific action. Also, the energy of the runes of Wunyo can attract luck in all areas of life.


The magical energy of the runes will help communicate with the forces of nature. Also, since the meaning of the runes Jera associated with cycles such as sowing-harvesting; change of seasons, etc., rune energy can help practice successfully complete magical actions and get the expected results from the rituals. Also the energy of a symbol can influence the relationship between two people.


Rune Gebo will help to establish relations between partners, but the energy of this symbol can be used only when you are sure that the object does not feel antagonism towards you, that its feelings for you cooled, but not completely gone. Otherwise, you yourself will become a victim of your magic.

Also, using the power of Gebo energy, you can harmonize the space around you, the atmosphere in the house and relationship between people.


Runa Ingus is often used in sexual magic, especially with regard to increasing male power.

The energy of the symbol can enhance the reproductive power of men, contribute to the fertility of the object.

Inguz rune also works well for gaining magical abilities. But there is an important caveat: the symbol not only gives people energy, but also makes them give, because the energy balance must

recover quickly.


You can use the energy of the Raido runes in a difficult situation, when a person does not know where to go next, what undertake how to overcome fear. In this case, the symbol will help the person to get back on their feet, to see goal and go to her.

Also, the rune works well to ensure safety and comfort when traveling. So you can her put on a suitcase or travel bag.


The energy of the Otal runes is most often used in magic rituals associated with protecting the house, namely the premises (buildings) from all kinds of natural disasters: fires, leaks, failure household appliances, theft, etc.

The symbol can also be used in magical rituals to fairly divide the inheritance between co-heirs.


The energy of Isa can stop, freeze any process. So, there is an opportunity to block development

disease, but there is also the opportunity to influence the feelings of the object, that is, it will work as a “lapel”.

Such a forced cooling of one person’s feelings for another always has consequences, so

called «rollback» or «rollback». Therefore, you need to think 100 times before using energy

runes «on black».


The energy of the Kenaz rune enhances the work of the ritual at times, that is, its magical effect.

Also, the rune is used in love rituals and in the diagnosis of hidden diseases of the object.


The energy of the Laguz rune can be used to increase personal strength, especially the power of female charm and attractiveness.


The energy of the Mannaz runes is very expensive in terms of energy, not everyone is able to use it. Nonetheless, a symbol can be used to influence an object or group of people. Activating the rune, there is the opportunity to change people’s views on a particular problem, to attract to their side

detractors, create a team of like-minded people.


The energy of the Nautiz runes on a pendant (bracelet) or painted on a hand can protect a person from evil people, spirits and dark thoughts.

The use of Nautiz’s rune “in black” in magic is a compulsion to something. Therefore the symbol

used in love spells, spells, to subordinate an object to his will. Possible rollback.


The energy of the runes of Perth can be used to obtain hidden information from the world of the dead.

The symbol is also used to expand consciousness.


The energy of the Soulo runes can be used to pump its energy, enhance personal magnetism,

achieving quick success in all ideas.

This is a very energetically strong symbol, so you need to be careful — the energy of the sun can and

to burn (remember Icarus)!


The energy of the Turisaz runes is suitable for cursing, punishing offenders, the occurrence

trouble sending depression and longing. Accordingly, the symbol can be used in “black” of magic.

One must be extremely careful when using this force — a boomerang is possible, and this is always dangerous for the magician.


The energy of the Teivaz runes is suitable for winning competitions of any kind, as well as for eliminating rivals, when it comes to the struggle for the subject of sympathy.


The energy of the runes Uruz is clearly spontaneous in origin, so you can call on such a powerful force, which is not subject to man, which, of course, is dangerous.

However, the symbol can be used to push the situation off the ground, destroy everything old and obsolete, that is, everything that interferes with the development of events.


The energy of the Fahu runes is used to attract money and income from various sources. Need right

activate symbol. To do this, you need to ask the rune to give you what you want and be sure to talk about your motivation. Runa Fehu responds well when it is clear why you need what you ask.


The energy of the Hagalaz runes is used to destroy something, and the destruction will be serious and quick.


The energy of the Aivaz runes works differently. Sometimes you can use this symbol as a protective, but protection only works as a failure to make your own wrong decisions.

Also, the rune of Eyvaz will help to overcome any obstacles of a magical and negative plan.


The energy of the runes Evaz works as a catalyst and the opposite of Ise. A symbol is capable of starting a process, which had not previously moved.

Also, the Evaz rune can be a satellite while traveling between parallel worlds.


The energy of the Dagaz runes will allow you to transform reality, attract the desired changes, execute desires.

The strength of the symbol is given only to true magicians — people with great willpower. Runa Dagaz does not like those who prefers to go with the flow, because she is a supporter of active actions to achieve the desired.

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